ink air pump for stack flexographic print manual forklift for rolls ink pump
ink air pump for stack flexographic print manual forklift for rolls ink pump

ink air pump for stack flexographic print manual forklift for rolls ink pump

Model NO.
USD 1.00-200.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
2000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Structure:Diaphragm Pump
  • Power:Pneumatic
  • Brand Name:BSK
  • Usage:Air Pump
  • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
  • Model Number:P15PP-P99-B
  • Pressure:6.9 Bar
  • Fuel:Air
  • Application:Liquid pumping
  • Theory:Air operated diaphragm pump
  • Air Inlet:1/4-18NPTF-1
  • Liquid Outlet:1/2-18NPTF-1
  • Liquid Inlet:1/2-18NPTF-1
  • Max Flow:44L/Min
  • Max Head:70M/Water
  • Max Self-Priming Lift(Dry):4.5M
  • Max Air Pressure:6.9Bar
  • Max Particle Diameter:2.5mm
  • Max Installation Dimension:195*275*160mm
  • Weight:2.4KG

Model No.Pipe SizeAir side/
Fluid side Material
Seat MaterialDiaphragm/Ball
Product Description

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new transport machinery , is currently one of the most

innovative pump . Using compressed gas as a power source for a variety of corrosive

liquid , with particles of liquid , high viscosity , volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid

can be pumped optical exhaustion . There are four pneumatic diaphragm material: plastic

, aluminum, cast iron , stainless steel. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps were used nitrile
rubber,neoprene , Viton , Teflon , depending on the liquid medium , poly ethylene forty-six

. To meet the needs of different users . Placed in a variety of special occasions , for pumping

a variety of conventional pumps can not pump the media , have achieved satisfactory results.

Product Application
*Ink/Printing Machinery20PCS and above pumps in 1 ink equipments production line,mainly transfer ink, for example: printing machines for newspaer and magazine.
*Spraying MachineryFor spraying production line, especial for transfering paint. Where give stainless steel tanks to reduce the general pulse. example: spraying factory

Ceramic Coating


20PCS and above pumps in 1 spraying production lines, spraying glaze or varnish on the surfave of ceramics.
*Packaging Machinery
/ Industry
Cardboard synthesis equipment to extract soda and additives to form a mixing bucket and cassava paste , stick into kraft paper and corrugated
*Cardboard printing equipment , pumping ink
*Plastic packaging machinery, pumping fancy printing ink
Machinery / Industry
Alternative peristaltic pump , as used in the"pill coating machine ,"etc.
*Cleaning MachineryPumping chemical abluent and cleaning materials for pipelines.
*Painting / Chemical
Chemical/ spraying factory, for material cycling

protection machinery/


For dosing purposes and adding chemical additive into polluted water according to demand, in order to have effect by condensation and separation
*Lubricant filling
Car/motorcycle terminal plant, with the mechanical filling oil for the engine or refrigerant for the gearbox
*Ceramic glaze tinting
For fully automatic tinting system and production equipments of painting, used in coatings, paints, inks, wallpaper , wallpaper , wood, paper , flexible packaging , ceramics, printing and dyeing , leather, chemicals and other toner printing and dyeing industry.
*Automatic ink tinting

Automatic feeding of
chemical raw materials


*Painting automatic
tinting system
*Automated Liquid
Filling tinting system
*Dosing SystemChemical dosing system integration.

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