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The ceramic special pump designed by BSK has excellent performance, low pressure starting can reach 0.6 bar, weighted ball design can transport high viscous materials, up to 20000cps. This pumps were launched in the ceramic industry exhibition and soloved the problem for high viscous liquid.
BSK attended the 2013 Coatings Exhibition in Shanghai, the audience is attracted by the excellent appearance quality of BSK, which makes customers inside and outside the industry stop to watch our products.
BSK formally established its subsidiary in China. The subsidiary was based in one of China’s international cities – Guangzhou. Considering the whole logistics system, it was named “BSK Fluid Technology LLC.” based in Huadu District where is situated the Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport.
BSK began to send personnel to for a full year collect and understand the brands of pneumatic membrane pump and highlight of such brand sales in the market. During collecting the information, it was lucky to get to know several strong performers in the industry and reached preliminary brand promotion agreement with some agents of renowned pumps.
After experiencing the financial crisis spreading around the globe, BSK's president cast his eyes over Mainland China with sound financial system and formulated a range of programs for entering into the Chinese machinery industry market.
A company which was alived by offering OEM&ODM products for customers.
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